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Rev. Arlene Raedel

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5 Things You Should Know Before Consulting a Psychic:
Interest in psychics, mediums and all things paranormal is at an all-time high, especially at this time of year. . Read more here...

$20.00 per lesson (unless otherwise noted
on class description)

(You can pay by credit card on PayPal here,
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Contact Information:
Contact Info for Rev Arlene:
951-306-4516 or 951-926-4342

Rev. Arlene is the author of 2 wonderful
Children's books.

"A Gift To Jaret Purple Star From The Storyteller
A Second Time"

"The Raccoon and the Bully"

See them here

Certification Students please note:

Rev. Arlene Raedel is a Credit Class Mediumship Instructor in the HGSA Education Program, which offers Mediumship Certification. This year-long ongoing series, "Medium Development Class", qualifies for the HGSA Mediumship Certification requirement.

Teaching Locations

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association
2975 Washington Circle
Escondido, CA 92029

Healing Temple
Thursdays At 7:00 P.M. 

$20.00 a lesson

Contact Info for Rev Arlene:
951-306-4516 or 951-926-4342

Cernie Institute
3769 Tibetts, Suite C
Riverside, CA 92506


Contact Info for Rev Arlene:
951-306-4516 or



Palm Springs, California


816 Cottonwood Drive
Apt 1
Palm Springs, CA 92262


Contact Info for Rev Arlene:
951-306-4516 or 951-926-4342

7 Week Self-Help Course
The Jesus You Never Knew
Begins January 5th 2017

Details & Download flyer here

Discover Your Intuitive Gifts

Begins Monday, February 6th, 2017
at 6:30 p.m. $20.00 a lesson.

[if pre-paid by check or cash you receive a 10% discount]
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PayPal here, cash or checks..

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Self – Help
8 Week Course – Akashic Records

How to Access Your Soul Book in the Akashic
Level One

Spiritual Development Facilitator:
Reverend Arlene Raedel

beginning February 15th

Wednesdays at 6:30pm

at Myrta's place

Donations of $20.00 per lesson payable by check, cash or pay pal HERE

Private Residence
in Palm Springs - email
for directions

Details & Download flyer here

8-week course - Akashic Records:
How to Access Your Soul Book in the Akashic
Level One

Begins February 23, 2017

Details & Download
flyer here


6 week Self-Help
Mediumship Development Series

Spoon Bending

Details & Download flyer here

Self-Help Healing Development
8 week course

Awaken With Mother Earth

Details & Download flyer here

6 week Self- Help Series
Heal Your Love & Relationship Karma


Details & Download flyer here

8 week Self-Help Course
How to Read the Signs
Sent to Guide You 


Details & Download flyer here

Native AmerIndian Studies

Teachings of Chief Golden Eagle/Standing Elk and the Star knowledge on the 11:11,
12:12, and 13:13 frequencies
Your Passport To The Stars

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Arlene Raedel, Light Trance Medium


ABOUT Reverend Arlene Raedel: Arlene is an educator, a healing intuitive and more. As an Instructor of Cosmetology, she taught anatomy and physiology for 7 years. In this setting, her human Self-Healing intuition gift evolved. She was a sales representative for an all Natural Vitamin Agency (owned by Jeri Redding) for 2 years. For 5 years+, she has been served on the Education Committee at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association, in Escondido, CA, and taught many of their development courses. She is the founder of the NuVu Oasis in Nuevo, CA which is in the process of becoming a spiritual retreat for seminars and lectures. She travels and teaches in Southern California facilitating the development of Lightworkers for the Aquarian Age. Arlene’s Healing Certificates include: The Body Talk System™, The Colorado Center for Healing Touch™, Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Healing (H.G.S.A.), Healing Touch for Animals™, and is currently in training with Korean Hand Therapy™.

When I sit with someone in sacred space, in person or on the phone, regardless of what Sign they were born under or how old they are, regardless of where they grew up impoverished or wealthy, struggling or cushioned from the world's intense emotional blows, and we meet on a soul-to-soul level, a deep power is released that is tangible and long lasting. My training and expertise in matters of the soul helps, but more than that, it's my willingness to believe in something so crucial in the depths of your nature, that turns the tide more than any earth based insight.

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